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Even as the vaping market keeps on growing and changing, it is also important to note that the e-cigarettes brands that are in the market are also doing the same. However, an issue that most of these brands have are the fact that some of them tend to cater for an only specific group of vapors that have been made available in the market. Even though it is commonly found in the U.S, Vapourfi has also been brought into the UK market.

The packaging and its design

When it comes to the packaging and the design of this brand, they really try to bring out a message in regards to what the brand is all about. VapourFi has been able to do this through its colorful and simple designs and packaging. Having a variety of options in terms of colors, this brand is able to give you the opportunity to choose the color that you want. When you see the design, you can tell that this was something that was thought of carefully before it was brought into the market. All VapourFi products tend to come in a kind of white package that has the logo on its backdrop. The packaging itself is a light-weight, standard but durable box made out of cardboard. The box also has an airtight plastic seal that tends to keep all the products that are inside the box safe. Also, this brand tends to list all the contents that are available in the kit at the back of the box so that consumers are able to know what it is that they are actually buying. One thing that we noted is that their design is really attractive.

The performance of the battery, throat hit and the vapour

When we came to how this brand performs, we found out some really amazing things! This brand is able to offer a number of different kinds of kits and the best part is that they have an option whereby you can be able to build your own kit! Isn’t that fantastic? When it comes to the batteries, whether you are an intermediate, beginner or advanced user, the batteries that are used in VapourFi is able to surpass all the other categories that are available in the market. They have a cig-look alike battery that is more responsive and above average in terms of how it is able to perform. For this reason, it is safe to say that you can be able to get 275 puffs when your battery has been charged fully.

They also have different kinds of vape pens that have been made differently to suit the needs of each user which tends to give a lot of competition to the other brands that are available. The charging time of the battery is also something to get excited about. Only 3 hours and it is full! When it comes to the volume of the vapour, we found it to be more thrilling compared to the battery performance.

The flavours

When it comes to the flavours that VapourFi is able to provide its customers we were shocked! This brand is able to offer its customers with about 30,000 different flavours and isn’t this remarkable? Taking a closer look, we found out that this brand is able to offer around 130 different flavours that are already ready-made.