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V2 CigsĀ 

This brand of e-cigarette came into the market back in 2010 and was considered to be the newest brand in the market. Within 2 years, this brand was able to be ranked one of the most sort after e-cigarettes in many review sites. They are known to be a brand that has been able to sell very many e-cigarettes compared to any other brand in the whole world. Due to this, it was able to enter into the United Kingdom market for people who make use of e-cigarettes to try it out. With everyone talking about how good this product is, we just had to see how good it really was.

The packaging and its design

One thing that talks to many customers is how a particular brand has been packed and the design that has been used to create it. Therefore, for us to be able to see how good V2 Cigs really was, we ordered their starter kit just to take a good look at it. The kit has a kind of magnetic flap that tends to hold the box into its place. It also has two batteries that have been laid out in a very elegant way so as to catch the eye of consumers. The chargers and the cartomisers can be found in the underbelly once you open the kit. They also have a very sleek logo that says “Your Life. Version 2.0” Everything about the packaging especially the design of the kit was simply fascinating.

The performance of the battery, throat hit and the vapour

V2 Cigs like the Green smoke brand have also upgraded their battery and are now making use of the KR808D type of battery. This type of battery is very effective and tends to last longer and also gives better puffs compared to other kinds of batteries. It is, however, important for you to note that unlike the Green smoke brand, V2 Cigs is able to offer their customers to choose from either manual or automatic batteries. What better way to know how good they work other than to test them? We decided to carry out our own test and found out that the longer automatic battery is able to last for a total of 6 hours of standard vaping which is an average of 250 puffs. On the other hand, we found that the shorter automatic battery tends to last for a total of 5 hours of standard vaping which is an average of 200 puffs. We had this idea that the manual batteries were going to last longer but as we have shown, they tend to last almost the same amount of time like the automatic ones.

Another good thing to note is that the responsiveness of the battery is really exceptional. This is so because it is not very common for you to be able to find a battery that is able to offer you with vapour that is instant. We also found that the volume of the vapour was thrilling and highly satisfactory.

The flavours

When it comes to the type of flavours that have been made available, V2 Cigs will sure not disappoint you. Before anything is shipped, thorough tests are first carried out so as to ensure the product is safe. Some of the different flavours include

  • Cola
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • V2 Red Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Mint tea