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When we first decided to take a look at this brand, we were a bit resistant because we saw that they mostly promoted their prices first. Throughout their website, they have greeted their customers with different messages on how you can be able to save once you decide to make use of this brand. In a market that is growing fast especially in term of quality and how good a product is, will a brand be able to deliver based on the price they give their customers alone? Well, let’s take a look at Smoko and be the judge of that.

The packaging and its design

When we ordered our package and received it, all we can say is that we were stunned! The whole entire appearance could be said to be elegant. Smoko kits tend to come in a sturdy aluminum box that is square in shape and also lightweight. The brand name can be found at the top of the box sitting in a beautiful manner. When we looked inside the box, we found a battery with an already installed cartridge that was attached to it. There was also a second cartridge as well as a USB charger in place. The contents of the kit were held into place by a firm comfy material. When it came to the packaging of the cartridges, they came in small boxes that were square in shape. From this, we could say that Smoko is convenient to customers who are beginning to make use of e-cigarettes.

The performance of the battery, throat hit and the vapour

A point to note is that the original starter kit also comes with a Vape starter kit that comes in the same packaging and design as the original one. One of them is none to be a cig-a like while the other one can be said to be a vapourizer. The battery performance of both of them was quite similar. Which was a bit surprising considering the amount of battery that a cig-a like tends to make use of. The cig-alike makes use of 1800mAh while the vapourizer makes use of a 320mAh battery. The cig-a like lasted for about 250 puffs while the vapourizer lasted for around 300 puffs. As mentioned earlier, the way the cig-a like performed was beyond what we expected.

Smoko claims that they are one of the best companies in the UK that are able to offer an e-cig. Their main argument is the volume of vapour they are able to offer. After just a single puff, we were able to see large vapour clouds from both the vapourizer and the cig-a-like. The vapour volume of Smoko was in line with that of Green smoke which was what we found to be incredible.

The flavours

Having a vapour volume that is simply incredible, the flavours that Smoko were able to offer also surprised us. They tend to make use of ingredients that are of the pharmaceutical grade and they are also able to perform quality assurance tests on their products before they can be released into the market. Smoko tends to offer 11 different flavours which include:

  • Raspberry
  • Original tobacco
  • Energy
  • Apple
  • Virginia Rolling
  • Menthol
  • Mint breeze
  • Gold tobacco
  • Absinthe
  • Coffee
  • Havana

All of the mentioned flavours are also offered in the vapourizer