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Elites Review

Although this brand of e-cigarettes has run into different competition throughout the years, they have tried to do their very best. Many people consider them to be a top e-cigarette company in the UK. Over the years, they have been known for their different campaigns and affordable prices. E-lite has been able to build a strong customer base that has been able to go beyond the UK. Since it is a very popular brand and many people are talking about it, we decided to take a look at it and get to see what it is that they have to offer.

The packaging and its design

This brand comes with a kit known as E200 kit that normally comes with a battery that makes use of a G9 diamond kind of technology. The battery comes in a very classy design and the packaging as well as the design tends to resemble a real cigarette. The technology that they make use of is also one that is simply incredible! The performance of the battery was also really impressive since it was able to last us an average of 400 puffs which is around 8.5 hours till you will need to charge it again. How good is this? Simply amazing!

The G9 technology that is been used is also the one that is responsible for its high responsiveness and good performance. Also, you do not have to take a few puffs for you to be able to heat it up, its performance is simply splendid.

However, on another side, we found out that the elite brand did not perform as well as we expected it to when it came to the volume of the vapour. Even though there is the right amount of vapour that comes out when puffing, you cannot compare it to the one that is produced by Green smoke brand. People tend to prefer different things in terms of the volume of vapour. There are those who would want the vapour volume to be high while there are those who like it on the low. When it comes to the throat hit, we found out that it tends to go hand in hand with the nicotine level and vapour volume. The throat hit tends to be great because of the performance of the battery and also because the level of nicotine and volume of the vapour are not so high.

The charging of the battery was also something to look at. We found out that we were only supposed to charge it for 3 hours and it was full! Also, the batteries tend to last for an average of 9 months so you should not worry about that.

The flavours

Been a large company, it came to a surprise to us that they were only able to offer around 4 different flavours to their customers. However, it is important to note that their E-lite cartomisers refill are the best in the market and we also found them to last longest compared to the other ones that we had tried out. The flavours that they offer include the following:

  • Nicotine free
  • Reds
  • Greens
  • Gold

Because they are a company that wants to stick to the theme of their brand, these flavours tend to resemble the different types of cigarettes that are available in the market.