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E Puffer 

There are very many other companies in the UK that are able to provide e-cigarette products to different consumers. E-puffers has been in the market for a very long time and has been able to distribute over 500,000 vapers in different countries. We found this to be quite exciting and interesting considering that they do not have any kind of online presence. Imagine if they did! If you are a company like this one and have been in the market for a long time, it is very likely that you are going to be recognized by different people. How did E Puffer manage to get a huge number of customers? Well, let us find out!

The packaging and its design

Both of the vaporisers and e-cigarette impressed us especially their packaging and their design. The design and packaging of many e-cigarette companies are normally overseen by E Puffer themselves which is why they have so many customers. When it comes to their review, we decided to focus on their X-PRO vaporiser which is their most common one. This kit normally comes with a hard cover that is made out of plastic. The hardcover is usually tightly sealed so as to ensure the contents are protected. The logo of the E puffer tends to sit on the X-PRO battery having a single button for the power towards the end of the mouthpiece. In other words, the packaging and designs were simply to die for!

The performance of the battery, throat hit and the Vapour

Before anything else, it is important to note that this company can offer different flavour options as well as enough gadgets that come with the kit. Since we decided to make a review on the X-pro vapouriser, we found out that it makes use of a 1200mAh battery. Even though this amount of battery is not enough to be able to last you through the entire day, this vaporiser was able to do so without experiencing any problem. E Puffer also allows its users to be able to puff longer by an extended 8 seconds. Other brands tend to let their users puff for about 5 seconds. When it came to the volume of the vapour, we found it to be above average. When it came to the throat hit, we found it to be reduced not like we had expected it to be.

The flavours

For us to be able to determine the level of quality that is been offered, we have to look at the e-liquids for us to be able to determine this. In the e-cigarette market, the making of e-liquids is one of the most difficult tasks that many e-cigarettes companies are faced with. This is the main reason as to why they tend to hire the very best to do this for them. Also, selling e-juice or e-liquid is another different story. When it comes to the best e-liquid in the market, e-puffer is considered to be the very best. They can offer a total of 22 different flavors that are available in the market. These flavours tend to come in various 30ml bottles that they tend to distribute to various customers. They also follow all the FDA and ISO regulations so that they can ensure that their products are of the best quality.