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Cigees e-cigarette Company was able to come to the top because of the highly discounted prices that they tend to offer to their clients. However, we do not like looking into the price a lot because a good price does not necessarily mean that the product that is been offered is of good quality and is one that is up to standards. Since we wanted to know how it is that this company works, we decided to purchase their starter kit so that we could be able to know what it is it was all about.

The packaging and its design

What drew our attention was the design of the starter kit. The packaging was nothing interesting, what really gave in was the actual cigees kit. The package comes in a rectangular shape and is black in color. The logo and the cigees name comes at the front of the box. Something interesting is that the flap at the top bends just the same way it would do when you are opening the normal type of cigarettes. Once you flip back the top you will find 2 cartomisers, 1 automatic battery and a USB charger that is detachable. Even though the mentioned contents are the only ones that are available in the kit, it still plays a great role when it comes to its functionality as an e-cigarette.

The performance of the battery, throat hit and the vapour

The starter kit normally makes use of a 240MAH battery even though it is not the most powerful one that you can find in the market. Even though it is not the most powerful, it is still able to perform accordingly. The battery tends to last for a very of 4 hours which is about 200 puffs. Even though you can get more from other companies and brands that make use of higher batteries, the value that you get from these e-cigarettes is breathtaking.

However, we noted that the responsiveness of this battery was not as we expected it to be. This is because you will need to take some puffs for you to be able to get started. Also, there is a kind of whistle sound that comes whenever you are inhaling. However, the battery is able to offer a smooth and easy vape for the person who is making use of it.

Another thing that we noted was that the volume of the vapour performed the same way the battery did. There were however very minimal vapour clouds when we exhaled for the first four to five puffs. After that, it was surprising to us to see how much vapour actually came out especially since we considered the first puffs to be disappointing. As for the charging, it took us around 2 hours to fully charge it which is why we think it is efficient.

The flavours

The cigees starter tends to come with a total of two cartomizers which tends to limit you to one flavour. When making use of this kit, the only flavour that you can make use of is tobacco and you do not have an option of making use of other flavours. When we tested the tobacco flavour, we were carried away since it almost tasted like the real thing. Also, they have very affordable prices on the cartomizers which tend to last around 150 puffs.