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This is a brand that has been in the market for the past half-decade and has become very popular among its users. We never really got the opportunity to test this brand because of two main reasons

They are comparatively expensive compared to their other competitors in the market

They tend to focus on the U.S market

However, a few years back, they decided to have a grand opening which had the primary purpose of opening their UK online market. Even though it was kind of difficult for us to find the PR release in regards to the UK launch, the launch wasn’t that bad. Apollo is considered to be a top-drawer when it comes to the e-cigarette industry. They are also known to provide e-liquid that is of superb quality. Some of the other brands like E Cig tend to manufacture some of their products in China while Apollo only does its manufacturing in the U.S by engineers who have all the necessary certifications.

The packaging and its design

The Endeavour kit is quite amazing and has an elegant design. The tanks can be found inside and are arranged beautifully in a chic velvet casing that is red in colour.

The performance of the battery, throat hit and the vapour

We decide to order the Apollo Endeavour kit which was quite impressive. The kit comes with two 900mAh standard batteries which are luminous and are of very high value. The battery itself is not sleek; it is rather created in a way that can perform its day to day functionality. When it comes to the turning on and off of the battery, you have to click on it five times when you want to turn it on and another five times when you want to turn it off. It also has different colours to show different things. When the battery is red, this indicated that you have fully charged it. When the battery is blue, this means that your battery is low and needs to be charged. When the battery is white, this means that you’re out of juice. The battery that is used here is more powerful compared to the green smoke battery.

We only tested the Apollo 900mAh battery. Therefore, we cannot talk about the performance of any other batteries they might be using. The battery that is in use allows the user to puff for around 12 hours which is an average of 600 puffs until the battery dies again. And some of you would ask about the charging. Well, it takes around 4 hours to charge their batteries which aren’t long at all.

For many years, Apollo has been known to be very consistent with the amount of vapour volume it tends to produce. With this brand, you can get the full power of the vapour since it gives you a feeling like you are inhaling the vapour itself.

The flavours

Apollo tends to mix their own flavours and then pack them in their labs. Well, how true is this? We found out that they have hired the best mixologists in the world for them to be able to do this mixing for them. With this, Apollo can offer a total of 50 different flavours that are of high standard and good quality.

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