The term health promotion refers to the process of helping people take control of their health through education and awareness. In recent years there has been a concerted and collective effort towards the spreading of health information. With the world population facing a number of challenges that range from a contaminated environment to the use of dangerous chemicals in foods, governments all over world have started paying attention. This has resulted in a number of awareness programs from both federal and private organizations. Introduction of the internet in the nineties played an instrumental role in spreading information. Sensing the change in attitudes, organizations like WHO are now available online, where people can access important information.

In addition to federal health promotion ,informational and health videos sites, there are a number of dedicated websites available on the internet. The main purpose behind these websites is to help people share their experiences and bring them together. The mission behind our website is to provide users with authentic and credible information which can help them improve their health and lifestyle. The topics on this website range from baby health to common ailments such as acne and migraines. The website also takes serious issues into account where diabetes and heart diseases are discussed extensively. In order to get the information right, data is uploaded only when it has been cross referenced and checked against reliable databases. This not helps user access important information instantly, it also brings people with a common objective together which is health promotion.

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